About TuraLura

I was given the nickname TuraLura way back in elementary school. Second grade, if I recall correctly. The teacher's assistant, Mrs. Allen, gave me the nickname from a song. "An Irish Lullaby," which as luck would have it, we learned in music class later that year.

I have had other nicknames through the years, some not fit to publish here. ^_^

I actually like this one, though, so I continue to use it.

My full name is Lura Wilcox. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter. I am happily married, and mother to three furballs - erm, dogs.

In addition to having been a lifelong reader, I am also a writer. I have at least six novels in progress at the moment. Now to choose one to focus on and finish. ^_^

My last job was at a Waldenbooks, one of the nearly 200 closed by Borders in January 2010. I am currently looking for a job. Books that I review are either from my personal collection or the local library. I have a stack of ARCs (Advance Reading Copy) lying around from my stint at Waldenbooks, some of which I have yet to read. And many of which are at least 2-3 years old.

Added 15 August 2013:

I need to update this. Badly. Okay, project for tomorrow night. ^_^

Contact Me: luraj2612, gmail