Edited 7 March 2011

Due to the overwhelming (Can I call two overwhelming?) response to my recent poll, I will be changing the way I do links. The post titles will no longer be links to anywhere other than the post itself.

I will be making the author's name a link to the author's official website. Unless they don't have one, in which case... I don't know. I'll figure that out when it comes up.

The bottom of each post will list websites where the books can be bought. I have no plans to list Amazon there, due to some recent shady activities/business practices on their part. I have since changed the format of my reviews. Links to buy the book are now in the block of information to the left of the book cover, near the top of the post. I still have no plans to include Amazon in said links.

Links to other book review blogs - as well as author blogs - can be found in the sidebar. Neither list is comprehensive, as that would make both lists prohibitively long. Instead, each list includes the ten most recently updated blogs from their respective pool. So each visit (or reload) of this blog may result in a new blogroll being shown. ^_^