Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review: Doubting Thomas by Stephanie Taylor

I am so far behind... I received this book as an early review copy last August. Heh.

I will not get this far behind again.

Doubting Thomas
Stephanie Taylor

Release Date:
August 7, 2010
Genre: Erotic Romance
Rating: DNF
Source: I received a free review copy from the author. This did not affect my review in any way.
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Content Warning: Explicit Sex, Cussing

For five years, Thomas has lived without a past. A motorcycle accident left him with permanent amnesia and a lot of anger. But the scars aren’t all on the outside. He knows one day he’ll need to figure out who he used to be, but for now, he’s content in his misery and denial. If his family doesn’t care to find him, the feeling is mutual.

Until the love of a tender-hearted, sassy redhead changes his mind.

Alyssa Morgan vowed to locate her missing husband. She follows every clue, every lead, every hunch, hoping to find him and the reason for his disappearance. But fate has something else in store. Alyssa is determined to get to know the aloof man who has her husband’s voice and the disfigured face of a stranger.

Torn between his past and their future, can they put their doubts aside to let love in?

Book blurb from author website.

Wow, my first DNF review. Fun. (Not really.)

When I first received this book last August, I started reading eagerly. It started off well, easy to read. The writing and editing were are great. I expected to finish it within a day or two.

However, the further I read the more the plot bothered me.

In a historical setting - even one as recent as the 1980s - it could potentially work. But the setting is modern day: every character has a cell phone.

Which also means that fingerprints and DNA (among other things!) can be tracked reliably. So Alyssa's husband disappearing completely five years ago just doesn't work. Now, if he had outside (read: government or mafia) assistance in changing his looks and altering paperwork, etc, maybe.

But Thomas is just a loner with no memory.

Also, the book's blurb mentions him having the voice of her husband. I don't recall that ever having been mentioned in the first third of the book (which is all I managed to read).

Alyssa's husband's best friend was helping her try to find him in the first part of the book. If Thomas had the same voice as Alyssa's lost husband, wouldn't his best friend have noticed?

Yeah. He didn't.

I really wanted to like this book. I wanted to finish it too, since I did get a review copy from the author. But I couldn't. A plot hole that big is just too much.

I said at the top of this post that I was behind, but I'm not really. I just gave this book another chance last night. I had hoped that my time away from it would somehow make it better.

It didn't work. I gave up on it. I seriously doubt I will ever read any of this author's other books.

Her writing is good. Her logic is not.

Just a note for those on Goodreads: This book has 4 five-star ratings - two of which are from the author and publisher - and two one star reviews. One of the one star reviews is mine, the other is the only one (so far) with text. The other two five-star reviews are both from people who are friends with the author.

Makes me wonder how many of those four (other than the author, of course!) actually read it.

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