Friday, July 16, 2010

Bark for Life (Cross-posted)

I'm breaking my rule of only having book related posts. BUT! It's for a very good cause...

The American Cancer Society does this cool event every year called Bark for Life.

The American Cancer Society Bark For LifeTM is a noncompetitive walk event for dogs and their owners to raise funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society's fight against cancer. (From the page linked above.)

Cool, huh?

So, I signed up. Like half an hour ago. The Asheville, NC event is on Saturday, 7 August. Luckily it's not until late afternoon, so maybe it won't be too hot. But it will be August, so it will be hot. Or raining. Or both. Probably both.

I'll be walking Ginger, my yellow lab whose mom was a beagle. She's the most laid back of the three dogs and, therefore, the best fit for this.

I think it will be fun. Plus, Ginger will get to socialize: sniff other dogs and lick their owners.

I'll get some exercise, too. Bonus! ^_^

Edit: Totally forgot something! I also have a personal page on their servers that y'all can visit. Please donate and help me raise money for the American Cancer Society. Thanks.

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